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Solopreneur, sole trader, one man band packages

Just starting out?

We`ve been there, you’re just starting out, everyone wants your money. From social media managers, to web hosting. That is why we have a start-up package just for you. For £23 a month you get software, set up just for you, plus our support and guidance throughout the year, we won’t do your accounts for you, but we`re here to guide you.

Ready to go

So you have mastered the bookkeeping, you’re the master of raising invoices and logging expenses, you’ve even nailed the bank reconciliation.

But, you’re just not ready to submit your own tax return – for an extra £13 a month we will do that too!

You're on fire...

Business is booming, and you just don’t have the time to do your accounts any more, let us take the strain. We will do the whole lot for you, from logging expenses, through bank reconciliation to submitting your tax return. we also prepare monthly management reports for you (& tell you what they mean!) From £56 a month.

Gone limited? Let us build a package for you

Bookkeeping & VAT

The art of recording and reconciling transactions, capturing input and output VAT, and submitting VAT returns to HMRC, not your cup of tea? It’s certainly ours, let us balance the books for you.


Construction industry scheme – where contractors deduct tax from subcontractors’ invoice payments on behalf of HMRC. If you are a contractor or subcontractor needing some help to navigate the world of CIS, get in touch.


We all need to pay our people, let us make it easier.

Autoenrollment looming? Let us guide you through the process

About Claire

Claire lives in a small North Bucks village with her husband, 3 children and 2 black cats.

Previously employed in the cinema industry – where she discovered her love of accounts, and the Civil Service – where she discovered her love of process.

She started Black Bookkeeping in 2011, after 2 years maternity leave, during which time she recovered from the shock of having twins.

2013 saw a change of name to BlackCat Accounts, and a renewed focus on supporting solopreneurs with all things accounts related.

In her spare time Claire loves pretending to be Zen and flexible at yoga, and suspects she will have a lifelong love of the cinema.

 Claire Black

Claire Black

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